7 St John Activities You Can't Book Online and Can't Find In Any Guidbooks

1.     Grilling fresh Caribbean lobster.  With Lobster, its not what you know, It’s who you know.  Some people can catch lobster, most cannot.  My guess is most of you can’t catch a lobster; some of you think you can and may try, but it is a talent hard learned.  The Caribbean spiny lobster is aptly named, for its very sharp spines.  It tends to hide among sea urchins and fire coral.  Snaring one is an art… if you can find one.  If you can find one and you can get it without being cut or burned or poked...  Fortunately for you, we know the where and how and can deliver you a live one and show you how to cook it.

This 9 pounder had a tail that fed 6.  The legs were like king crab. 

2.     Full Moon Drum Circles – The Danish Sugar Mill ruins are magical and full of a dramatic and dark past.  A daytime visit will only begin to fill your appetite for the long and complicated history of St John and the Virgin Islands.  At night, some ruins become a gathering place for drum circles under the full moon.  Entering the cavernous halls under a monstrous stone sugar mill in the moonlight will be intimidating, magical and transcendent if you carry with you an open mind, respect for the scene and the freedom to participate. 

The Danish Sugar Mill Ruins provide a resonance both for the drums and for weight of the history that occurred

3.     Private catered dinner with live music – Honestly, how many of us have had a world-class chef over to cook us dinner in our house for our friends and family?  On St John, this opportunity is easily arranged and could be one of those meals you remember forever.  Make it truly special by hiring a local musician to entertain you between courses.  St John has some amazing talent, a personal house concert in a villa over the sea with a skilled chef to cook and clean up…  I am sold are you?

4.     Sky tour of the night sky – Many of our guests cannot even see the stars from where they live.  Others simply don’t have the time to look up.  On St John, the light pollution is so minimal in some places that the milky way can be seen as easily as recognizing your wife’s voice from the upstairs bedroom when your watching TV in the man cave.   Take the time to tour the night sky, whether with a guide who comes and can explain the galaxy to you or just simply sitting on the beach in the dark with a good star guide app.  Don’t miss a meteor shower if you’re on St John at the right time.   If it's cloudy, or too much moon, look around for Night Blooming Cereus flowers.  They are as big as dinner plates and full of complexities. 

This Night Blooming Cereus on St John.

5.     Boat trip to unknown cays – Sure, you have read about taking a boat to the BVI.  Going to Jost Van Dyke and Foxy’s Tamarind Bar and the Willy T and Soggy Dollar.  You should go.  It will be the best day of drinking you ever had.  But you should also take a boat trip that is just for snorkeling to some little uninhabited Cay you have never heard of.  The 100 foot visibility and large animal crossings through pristine ancient reefs will give you a story to talk about on the booze cruise, but it will burn in your memory what the power of untouched nature really can be.

This picture looking west from the top of one of the larger Cays off of St John

6.     Movie night at the ruins – Some Fridays, not all, but some, they show a movie up in Susannaberg.  The stunning setting among quiet locals is not advertised except on a spray painted board, or sheet or barrel on the day of.  Cult classics like Ghostbusters, and Jaws.  Sitting outside among these recently uncovered ruins and drinking from your own cooler is as easy as it gets. 

7.     Contribute to our community – St John has 4000 residents, we are hardy, talented, overworked and hungry for fresh food.  We all contribute to our community.  Lately, I have noticed more and more visitors contributing too.  We need your help.  With 100’s of thousands of visitors each year (600K just in the Virgin Islands National Park estimate annually) we residents simply can not keep up with all that is needed to serve our population if you include visitors.  Some ideas that help us a lot.  Volunteer at the park – trail cleaning clubs and the Friends of the VI NATIONAL PARK are always looking for help.  Teach a class at School of the Arts – Our kids (and kids at heart) are screaming for more immersion in the arts.  If you have a talent, contact the SJSA to share it with us.  Attend a benefit – There are so many benefits on St John throughout the year.  These events are fun, usually with live music and other performances, raffles, games, competitions and more.  Not only will you have tons of fun and meet some locals, you’ll be helping out a cause or a person who is truly in need. 

Contact us today to book your trip and get the skinny on any unknown goings on on St John.  The good news is, you can also just do nothing on St John and love it.


See you soon