SeaRock Teak Panel Restoration

The feeling of being perched over the sea from this artist built home is priceless.

SeaRock is a stunning artist built villa on St John where the big blue ocean views pour into every room.  Being artist built, the home has tons of delicate and detailed features.  The solid Mahogony french doors are finished with a multi layered faux finish with blues and yellows.  All of the paint on the home has a intended washed look that creates a peaceful feel.  The tile is inlaid with handpicked stone and shells.  The walls are painted with stress lines and fractures to look like they are made of solid marble. 

One of the Mahogany Doors being refinished with a multi color layered faux finish.  A regatta calmly passes in the background. 

One of the features of the home is these huge hand carved teak panels which are used for doors and walls.  The original builder and artist Kat Sowa had cleaned and painted these panels.  After about 7 years in the sun they started to look a little worn.  Our property management team restored them to their original color.  At times, to repeat the detail, we were using brushes as small as 1 cm wide.  The paint had to be mixed on site for color.  It was then applied and rubbed into the wood with a damp rag.  The process was tedious and fun and we caught a few photos which you can see in the slideshow below.

Property management can mean a lot of things.  For us, it means taking care of your home like it was our own, no matter the level of detail it requires.  It means keeping the value of your investment intact.  It means creating the guests experiences that make people want to book your home year after year.  It means offering homeowners the comfort that any task can be completed on your property with detail and perfection.  We take a lot of pride in caring for these special villas on St John.  Come see what that feels like by booking one of these homes today.