We Love Our Guests

We love our guests.  Visitors to St John are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.  They love our island with a passion.  They follow every social media update about every topic that covers St John.  Their desktop is photo of St John.  Some have a “beach bar” set up in their yards or basements. Some even engage in local politics. Most develop life long love affairs with St John, coming back every year or even sometimes multiple times a year.  Some people yell it to the heavens about how great it is.  Others keep it close to their chest so no one else will find out.

Tourists are funny people.  Do they drive us crazy?  Of course!!  Even so, we happily help make their trip special and keep them coming back.  We get the craziest requests and calls sometimes.  Sometimes I have to leave my dinner hot on the table to help them out. Sometimes they call for extra blankets because they like the AC too cold.  Sometimes they call to report about Iguanas poaching the pool.  Sometimes they call because they hit the wrong button on the remote and just want to watch Judge Judy.  They call when they get flat tires or lose their keys.  They call when goats get stuck inside the fence.  They call because they cannot figure out for the life of them how to open a coconut or cook a lobster. 

The point is, they can call and we will always answer.  

Now, most people read some reviews before booking a house.  I have said it before, don’t read them!  Or do, that’s fine, they are all good.  What you cannot read before booking is the guest book entries.  That is where I find the most insightful “reviews” of their trip. 

We wanted to share some quotes from some of our guest books with you to give you an idea about how our guests feel after a stay in one of our homes.     Enjoy!

“Thank you for providing such a lovely comfortable home for our St John stay.  You were wonderful about answering our questions…we had only done Skinny Legs and Salt Pond in our previous St John visit so we really enjoyed staying on and exploring the other side of the island with your recommendations.  The fresh pineapple and coconut were amazing.” -- Dan and Kathy and Family

“Only Good times, people and experiences we had while here.  Thank you for making this possible for us.  We love you for that!” -- The Kucher Family

“Words can not begin to describe the amazing time we have had on this beautiful island.  The villa was magnificent, convenient and comfortable.  This will be such a memorable experience for our whole family.  WE will definitely be back.”  -- John, Jill, Eric, Tom, Linda and Samantha

“Our first trip to St John will not be our last.  The villa was perfect and so relaxing.  Heading back to the snow with wonderful memories” --The New Hampshire Goodwin's

“Once again, we thoroughly enjoyed exploring this absolutely beautiful island!!  This is the kind of house you want to stay in forever.  This trip was particularly special because we shared it with out 22 month old son and his grandparents” -- The Frank Family

“Had the best vacation ever!  You have thought of everything right down to the comfortable bed and top notch bedding we will be back”  --  Jenny and Jon

“The house was perfect.  The gardens beautiful.  This place will always be special to us.  This week we start our new journey in life as an engaged couple.”  -- Stevie and Jenna

“It has been a rough 3 years and our stay here has helped bring us closer together and we feel so united and at peace.  Thank you for providing such an amazing villa for us”  --  Tom, Karen, Jason, Kylie and Tucker

Let us know if you would like to get the chance to write in one of our guest books... Or call us to fix the TV .... or just catch a drink at happy hour and talk about Real Estate....or whatever.   Talk to you soon